Asset Procurements

International Asset Procurements

International Asset Procurements Ltd offer an exclusive service to international clients who look to procure a range of high-value residential property, gold bullion and other assets. We are a private IBC that will give potential clients a personal service that ensures confidentiality with the protection of their funds.

Luxury Real Estate

We can supply details of over 48,000 Luxury Homes for sale worldwide in a price range from one million dollars to one hundred and fifty million dollars.

We will act as agents on behalf of potential purchasers as follows. On receiving details of the type of property with a price guide and a required location, we then supply a list of potential properties the may meet the buyers requirement.

On receiving instruction from a buyer on a required choice of property, we will then enter into negotiations with the sellers or reality agents, on their behalf to complete the purchase as instructed.

All transactions will be completed in complete privacy, confidentiality and securely with full and ongoing updates.


Oceanfront Estate

Elegant Direct Waterfront Estate






The advantage of holding gold as an asset, is that it is easy to buy, can be stored in various secured offshore locations, can increase in value, is easy to sell and convert into various currencies.

Gold has recently climbed to its strongest level as renewed concerns over North Korea’s nuclear ambitions stoked a safe-haven demand against falling currencies.




Issued by the company as a convenient way to purchase, hold and cash in quickly as required. Only held in a buyers name, cannot be resold on the open market, do not lose their value.




Contact Details

International Asset Procurements Ltd

Email: iap@gmx.com

Phone: 07 711 051 181 (+44 7 711 051 181 Int)

Whatsapp secure link available on the mobile (cell phone) number.

Personal meetings can be arranged on request.